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Aera is trusted by leading retailers across the Nordic region. These retailers share a common ambition: To develop unique customer journeys and take control of the value chain. We collaborate with each merchant’s ecosystem, without claiming ownership of their brand, customers, or data — an approach that resonates with most retailers.

We are one of the few, perhaps the only one, who provides an ID- and payments platform that fully supports the retailers needs for identification and payments. Our solutions spans from in-store POS payments, e-commerce, wallet identification and payments for unified commerce, account-to-account payments, retialers own card scheme, acquiring services, fraud prevention and handling of sensitive consumer data.

We are happy to present some of our customers stories.

See how our customers utilize our product portfolio

Customer case

Coop uses Aera's broad span of wallet services, e-com and in-store payment terminals

To create unique and innovative payment and ID solutions, Aera has been an important partner for Coop.

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Customer case

NorgesGruppen & Trumf

NorgesGruppen and Trumf adopt Aera’s Complete Suite of Payment and Identification Solutions

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Customer case

Ruter, a public transportation company

When Ruter was renewing its loved app, they chose to partner with Aera to support payments in their app.

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Customer case

More to come

More testimonials will be published in June. Please tune in.

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