Unlock Seamless Retail Experiences with Aera's Cutting-Edge ID Services

Tailored to meet the evolving needs of retailers, Aera has crafted state-of-the-art ID services to revolutionize customer journeys. Our flagship success story, Coopay, stands as a testament to our innovation. With Coop seamlessly integrating payments into their member app, over 20% of in-store transactions are now effortlessly completed through Coopay.

But that's just the beginning. Introducing Coop Key, your digital pass to hassle-free entry into unmanned stores, ensuring an unparalleled customer journey.

Experience the power of ID Look-up, seamlessly merging your membership and payment cards into one. Say goodbye to juggling multiple cards—prior to each transaction, our system swiftly identifies your membership, allowing automatic coupon redemption, exclusive discounts, and loyalty point registration, all within milliseconds.

Transform your retail landscape with Aera's game-changing ID services. Elevate customer satisfaction, streamline operations, and unlock unparalleled convenience like never before.

Enrich your loyalty programs

Access Control

  • Scan & pay
  • Unmanned stores
  • Sales of age restricted goods
  • Self service
  • Vending machines
  • Open doors

ID & Loyalty

  • Card payments with integrated ID look-up
  • Enrollment to loyalty programmes
  • Unified commerce
  • Sign & authenticate