Our story.

Aera is ‘By Merchants – For Merchants’.

We started out as a merchant-owned company back in 2016 to deliver payment solutions. Today, our product portfolio expands way beyond basic payment terminals and our combined product suite enables next level customer journeys. With a state-of-the-art infrastructure we ensure stability and control throughout the value chain.

We provide merchants with an alternative to stringent banks and financial institutions. The merchant view is deeply embedded in everything we do, and efficiency and customization are core principles in our offerings.

We work together with you

Our experience is that merchants across Europe face many of the same issues within payments and ID.

Aera works closely with our customers as a trusted advisor within payments and ID. Our product and technology platform is strong and modular, making it possible to design solutions for each merchants’ need while managing costs and complexity. Aera works with each merchants’ own ecosystem, not claiming brand, customer nor data ownership. This enables unique customer journeys for each merchant.

We set up joint projects with our customers delivering future-proof solutions on agreed timelines.

Aera is truly ‘By merchants – For Merchants’.

"We're here to safeguard the strategic positions of retailers in a dynamic payments' environment"

The payment landscape is changing. New technology and new regulations in the payment and ID environment create opportunities for both new and existing players. Aera provides merchants with unique competences and a strong voice, and enables merchants to take a strategic position.



Want to join us?

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