«Together with Aera, Coop Norge was the first merchant in Norway to launch its own in-store payment solution. »

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Coop is one of Norway’s largest grocery retailers with 7 distinct chain concepts, about 1 200 grocery stores, 60 DIY stores and 57 local co-operatives. Coop is also a significant employer, with over 28,000 employees across the country, ranking them as the 11th largest company in Norway. Moreover, what truly makes them different is that they are owned by 2,3 million unique members.

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Published 30.May 2024


To create unique and innovative payment and ID solutions, Aera has been an important partner for Coop. The opportunities enabled by Aera’s expertise and solutions have enabled Coop to create new and innovative customer journeys.

In store

Coop has deployed Aera terminals in all of their stores, which have contributed to faster processing at checkout and a significantly lower error rate. The terminals are equipped to recognize Coop’s own Coop Mastercard, allowing consumers to earn bonuses in Coop’s stores without any other form of membership identification.


To increase loyalty and conversion rates, Coop has implemented Aera’s payment solution in their loyalty app and created Coopay. Coopay is a wallet solution used by 20% of Coop’s members and has reached 1 million active users and more than 100.000 daily transactions. Thanks to Aera’s comprehensive platform, Coop receives consolidated daily settlements for all transactions in-store, regardless of whether the payment is made through the payment terminal or via mobile.

Aera has also contributed to Coop’s digital key app, which grants customers and personnel access to unmanned stores and ensures ID/age control.

Together with Aera, Coop Norge was the first merchant in Norway to launch its own in-store payment solution. Utilizing Aera in-app services for both identification, customer wallet and mobile payment. Many of the same services are used on our mobile key app, in which customers can lock themselves into a a digitally manned store (unmanned) using our mobile app and Aera’s ID technology. Coop Norge uses all of Aera’s ID-services, which has enabled us to be a digital frontrunner in Norway while, at the same time, reduce our costs. 

Aera has also been given responsibility for our terminals in Norway and feedback from our merchants and our consumers is great. The roll-out process of our 6.000 terminals took us only 12 weeks, due to Aera’s state of the art portals and close teamwork effort.  Aera’s terminals are perceived as stable and robust, and they are perceived as very efficient when it comes to processing. Aera offers innovative and user-friendly support systems that have made a positive contribution to the administration of our terminals.

Kristian Bjørseth, Head og Payments & Store Technology

Online solution

Utilizing the complete product suite, Coop has also implemented Aera as a payment method for their online stores obs.no and obsbygg.no. This allows stores to easily track transactions, regardless of channel.