«Aera provides a complete and holistic payment and ID platform that ensures we maintain a competitive advantage.»

About NorgesGruppen

NorgesGruppen is a family of concepts with strong positions within consumer goods and services in the food market. NorgesGruppen’s business model consists of production, distribution and sales. In cooperation with several thousand retailers and employees, we offer food and other consumer goods throughout the country.

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Published 18.April 2024

NorgesGruppen & Trumf

In-store payment solutions

Aera is an important tool for NorgesGruppen to secure low-cost transactions, market leading payment solutions and control over customer data.

Odd Birkenes, Director Value Added Services

Aera delivers approx. 7500 POS terminals with exceptional quality and stability, while ensuring cutting edge functionality and speed. In addition, the terminals facilitate easy linking of payment cards and loyalty programs, allowing consumers to seamlessly earn bonus points when they shop. The terminals also support the use of Aera Cards, which enables NorgesGruppen’s own payment cards to support a more cost-efficient payment scheme.

Trumf (NorgesGruppen’s loyalty program) is using multiple services from Aera: The ID look-up on payment terminals gives consumers bonus points automatically, redeeming of coupons and discounts by only presenting the payment card. The ID-look-up transaction is done before the payment transaction, without the customer noticing, since it’s all done in a few hundred milliseconds.

Kristin Bigseth, CEO of Trumf


To support NorgesGruppen’s focus on online shopping and home delivery, Aera has developed a simple and seamless payment engine that can easily be implemented into their online shopping solution. Online shopping is becoming a significant share of the total turnover, so it’s critical that settlement and reporting across channels are integrated.

Wallet / app solution

Trumf are using Aera’s wallet solution and A2A payment for the loyalty and payment service Trumf Pay.

Trumf Pay

This is NorgesGruppen and Trumf’s new and groundbreaking app that will make it easier for consumers to pay with mobile phone and at the same time save Trumf bonus at KIWI, MENU, SPAR, Joker, Nærbutikken and CC Mat. Also, it is probably the worlds cheapest solution for merchants, Trumf is the first payment app to utilize BankAxept scheme, together with Aera account-to-account payment scheme.

Trumf collaborates with Aera and BankAxept because we support the Norwegian payment solution and look forward to launching the simplest and best digital payment over the New Year.

The solution will support approx. 70% of the banks from the start. We are working together with Aera and BankAxept so that all the banks will join in offering the solution to the delight of our customers.

Trumf Pay with QR-code