Orchestrate your own unified e-commerce experience

Your checkout, your way. Our checkout is designed to be a smooth and seamless experience. ​

Aera’s payment solutions are part of our unified commerce offering:

  • Reduce merchant complexity, time to market and long processing times
  • As all our solutions are based on the same holistic platform, ID and payments can be seamlessly combined

Choose the checkout functionalities that fits you business

We take pride in delivering a payment experience characterized by its seamless nature and user-friendly interface. We offer a wide range of payment methods and functionalities you can choose from to make our service fit your business. Our checkout is optimised for any device and is designed to reduce friction. 

Unlocking the potential for tailored branding, our platform enables the use of customizable themes, giving you the creative freedom for festive campaigns such as a Christmas-themed option – as an example. ​​

With our product, you have the power to shape your customers’ journey. Whether you prefer the simplicity of hosted payment page or the seamless integration of embedded checkout, we’ve got the tools to elevate your brand and enhance customer satisfaction.

Our solution, anywhere, anytime

Points of interactions


Use our checkout, designed to support your user stories


Accept payments in your own app


Use your own app to pay in store

Flexible ways of integration​

We have two ways to integrate:

  • Embedded checkout

This is an integration method for processing payments directly on your eCommerce website without redirecting users to an external payment gateway. ​​​

  • HPP – Hosted Payment Page

This is a method of integrating payement processes into an eCommerce website while keeping payment information secure.

Payment methods

We offer the possibility to pay with Visa, Mastercard, BankAxept & Walley. Get in touch with us to hear more.