A2A Payments

We provide a flexible wallet-based solution that can be integrated into the customer journeys of your desire.

We handle bank connections, authentication, reporting, reconciliation and merchant settlement so you can focus on driving conversion through excellent customer journeys.

  • You control the customer interface

The solution is integrated into your customer interface(s) so that you remain in charge of the customer dialogue and can provide value-added services by connecting our payment solution to your loyalty programme

  • Support for multiple account types

We think broadly about accounts, and connect to accounts held in commercial banks, credit institutions and loyalty programmes so that you can offer instant debit payments, BNPL-solutions and ‘burn bonus’

  • Tailored for retailers

We know the complexity of retailer’s backbone systems and therefore offer both instant and bundled settlement so that adding new payment methods seamlessly fit with existing account and financial processes

Paying with the merchants own wallet
Onbording to wallet and A2A