Payment Terminals

Aera processes millions of transactions every day through in-store payment terminals. Also, we process just as many ID transactions. ID look-up form your regular, preferred, payment card enables connection to loyalty and membership programs automatically. By tapping your card only once, the ID look-up is done before the payment transactions, so all digital coupons, rebates or discounts are done within milliseconds and recalculated before the payment authorization. Still, we offer exceptional low transaction process times.

Aera’s payment acceptance solutions are built for speed, volume, and high conversion rates.

Aera has a track record of rolling out thousands of terminals in a controlled and quickly matter, as well as ensuring proactive terminal service to mitigate downtime. We offer all our customers a state-of-the-art terminal management system to help you navigate your terminal estate.

Fast, secure and reliable products that secures seamless customer journeys

Reduce checkout times and improve customer engagement, in a demanding retail environment. Manage a high volume of non-stop transactions with our POS optimised for high performance and intensive use. They can support all payment methods while delivering faster transaction flows and a seamless customer experience.

Terminal portfolio

With several form factors, a rugged design, and a large set of capabilities (with or without printer), Aera Terminals are designed with a variety of environments in mind, from SMBs to large retail and verticals. Merchants can find the right payment terminal to match their business needs.

We offer both integrated and mobile payment terminals.

Lane/5000 Retail PIN pad

Boost NFC acceptance and enhance checkout experience

Designed for speed and efficiency, the Lane/5000 boosts NFC acceptance

  • Large touchscreen display combined with a compact consumer-facing terminal
  • Accelerated checkout and boosted NFC acceptance
  • Designed for the most demanding retail environments

Lane/3000 Retail PIN pad

Enabling fast payments in lane

Designed to manage thousands of transactions per day, the Lane/3000 is a cutting-edge retail PIN Pad, ideal for busy retailers.

  • Robust design for even the most demanding situations
  • High-end keypad for a seamless PIN entry
  • Easy to integrate at any lane or retail kiosk

Move/5000 Portable Device

The perfect companion, indoors and out

Designed for hospitality, high street and small merchants, the Move/5000 enables a seamless shopping experience that’s free from the checkout.

  • Enhanced customer engagement on the shop floor
  • Sleek design for high-end environments
  • Intuitive interface for best-in-class user experience


Telium TETRA terminals

Several communication options Several communication options4G and WiFi
Fast, secure paymentsFast, secure paymentsFast, secure payments
TouchscreenNon-touch screenTouchscreen
Easily mountedEasily mountedPayment on the go
High securityHigh securityBuild-in printer
Link loyalty to purchaseLink loyalty to purchaseNo cables required

Design your in-store payment experience

With Aera you can choose the payment solution that best fits your retail needs.

A portal to administrate your terminals and payments

Click and collect, DCC, self-service

Link loyalty to payment

A best-in-class payment experience in-store

Accept all payment methods, anywhere in-store. Enhance your customers’ user experience. Choose a countertop with a small footprint that fits perfectly on any counter. Improve your clients’ point of sales experience with a unified customer-facing solution. For even more flexibility, opt for a mobile in-store solution offering a wide range of communication modes–including Ethernet, WiFi and 4G.

Ensure payments on the move, safely and fast

Do business wherever you are with a mobile POS solution. Ensure seamless payment on the go with robust, affordable and functional devices that meet all your daily needs. Enjoy excellent wireless connectivity and benefit from a long-lasting battery that ensures business continuity on the go, at all times

Fast checkouts for satisfied customers

Reduce checkout times and improve customer engagement, in demanding retail environments. Manage a high volume of non-stop transactions with our Lane/series terminals optimised for high performance and intensive use. They can support all payment methods while delivering faster transaction flows and a seamless customer experience

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