By retailers – for retailers

Aera was established to deliver unique payment and ID solutions supporting excellent customer journeys, to ensure effective management and to ensure predictability, control and influence in a dynamic environment.

Retail is becoming increasingly complex with increased digitalisation, a wide range of payment solutions and requirements for a more seamless and frictionless digital customer journey, across channels.

Aera Payment & Identification is owned by Coop and NorgesGruppen, Norway’s two largest retailers. Through a future-oriented, cost-effective and secure platform for payment and identification, Aera will enable the retailers to develop tailor-made customer journeys and a more efficient value chain.

Customer identity – future competitive advantage

Mobile transformation, personalised customer dialogue and developing unique seamless customer journey are three key words when the trade discusses the competitiveness of the future. Control over the customer’s ID is the foundation for all digitization of the customer journey both in-store, online and unified commerce across channels. At the same time, this control gives the retailers the opportunity to develop the customer program on mobile surfaces.

Our Products

Increased competition, global players and changing customer expectations place demands on the continuous development of the customer journey. Through our platform and continuous development of new technology, we will facilitate that the retailers at all times has the best tools to develop new, innovative and personalized customer journeys in line with the customer’s changing needs.

Aera Platform - adaptive platform that emphasises ID over payment

Merchants face numerous challenges:

  • The payments and ID landscape is characterised by uncertainty, change and fight for positions (risk of chaos and higher costs for merchants)
  • Rapid technology development requires rapid adoption of solutions that both work and are secure
  • Consumers have higher and ever-increasing demands
  • Global giants with competing ecosystems “claim” their space in the customer interface

Aera solutions are designed to deliver on the targets of ambitious merchants and to fix typical pain points regarding payments and ID and work in conjunction with existing loyalty schemes to create great customer journeys and experiences.

Aera is a strategic vehicle as Aera ensures predictability, control and influence for merchants, also in relation to financial products

Aera Payment Terminals

Our terminals are easy to roll out and provided merchants with a much better acceptance point

Aera has a hardware independent architecture, utilising state-of-the art Ingenico Telium TETRA PCI PTS 5.x terminals. These are terminals with a proven track record deployed at some of the most high-volume merchants in the world. In addition, Aera is running a centralised terminal management system which is closely integrated with our customer management system that allows us to automate processes and quickly and easily deploy new terminals and software.

What also makes these terminals unique, is the close link to our ID platform for look-up and enrolment to your loyalty programme.

eCom Checkout

Checkout for eCommerce supporting most online payment methods, including your own mobile Pay solution and very soon also A2A

Aera Checkout for eCommerce merchants supporting most of the online payment methods, including your own payment solution.

The product supports all major card payments including your own card brands and gift cards, in addition to ApplePay, invoice payments, “your own pay” and very soon also A2A payments.

The product is part of the Aera Payment Service platform which holds all standard functionality like “home delivery”, “click & collect”, “store and manage cards”, “subscriptions” ++.

In addition, the platform also holds new and innovative APIs for mobile applications, ERP and CRM systems, plus new and innovative solutions like Aera White label Wallet which enable your own mobile payment solution

Account-to-Account Services

Account-to-account payments based on Open Banking API’s offers significantly lower transaction fees compared to international cards schemes

Aera Account Payment is a payment service that allows consumers to securely initiate payments directly from their bank accounts without the need for additional intermediaries or payment instruments.

Aera establishes PSD2-compliant delegated strong customer authentication (SCA) agreements with banks in order to allow frictionless consumer payments in-store, where bank authentication is not required.

The platform supports a wide range of account providers; commercial banks, credit institutions and loyalty programmes.