About us

Merchants are facing a new era of increased digitalization and demands for seamless and friction-free customer journeys.  Identification and close dialogue with the customer creates customer loyalty and return business. At the same time, merchants have concerns that payments should be cost-effective and easy to handle at both front-end (accepting all payment solutions required by the customer) and back-end (settlement and reconciliation) of business processes.


Aera Payment & Identification was established as a joint venture between Coop and NorgesGruppen, two of Norway’s largest retailers, in 2016. As a merchant focused organization, we have developed a payment and identification platform that accepts all types of payment as well as recognize the customer across all channels (mobile, online and in-store). The platform is secure and flexible, enabling merchants to develop new and more seamless customer journeys, great customer programs and new ways to differentiate themselves in a world of increased digitalization and changing regulatory conditions.