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Aera offers an open and flexible payments and identification platform, allowing you to seamlessly follow your customers, regardless of physical and digital space. By simplifying payment and identification, we enable you to spend more time on what matters the most; your customers.

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An increasing number of payments- and service providers, results in increased costs and more complex and time consuming settlement and reconciliation.

Aera delivers an open payments platform that accepts all types of payments across channels. This allows the customer to choose how to pay, while simplifying merchant reconciliation.


Loyalty programs are increasingly important in the battle for customer loyalty. This emphasises the need to identify and enroll the customer in an easy and safe way — regardless of channel, touchpoint and payment method.

Aera offers a solution for friction-free identification and enrolment in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and security standards. The flexible platform also ensures rapid implementation of future new identifiers.

Payment terminals

New payment methods, combined with increased focus on the cross-channel customer journey, impose increased demands for functionality in the payment terminal, both physical and online.

Aera supports all types of payments on desktop, mobile and online. Our payments and identification platform provides secure identification and customer enrolment, regardless of payments method and identifier.

Support systems

An increasing number of payments and identification solutions makes it difficult for merchants to choose and adapt efficiently in the marketplace.

Aera offers an open and universal payments and identification platform across service providers and channels. This ensures more flexibility, easier integration and faster rollout. The solution is managed through a user-friendly customer portal.

Compliance and security

Digitalisation and personalisation increases security risk, and new privacy rules (GDPR) impose stricter information security requirements.

Aera has privacy and security embedded in all activities covering application security, supporting processes and awareness measures. Quality is assured through rigorous testing and certification processes.

World class technology

Partnering with leading tech companies, we are building the infrastructure of payments and identification of the future, based on the highest standards and fully compliant with all security and privacy regulations. Our services and support systems are built to scale and are easy adaptable to all future payments and identification solutions.

With the customer in mind

Succeeding in retail depends on great customer dialogue. Being fully compliant with all privacy regulations (GDPR), we make it easier to create a close dialogue throughout the entire customer journey, across physical and digital space and between different merchants. By doing so, we enable great customer journeys.

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